Alayna Weigel

Alayna_1“I traveled to Nakuru, Kenya for a 3 week medical placement in October of 2011 doing radiography. The experience was more than I could have ever hoped for. Pamoja representative met me at the airport and took me to my place of residence in Nairobi for the night before accompanying me to my host family in Nakuru, and showing around the hospital I would be doing my volunteering. My host family was exceptionally nice, and made me feel right at home. I felt very safe and it was amazing to be immersed in the Kenyan culture. I was fed typical Kenyan meals and my host family and the neighbours took me on excursions to neighbouring villages on my days off. I cannot describe what a fantastic experience it was to go to these remote villages and meet the people there. Everyone was so welcoming and interested in who this “mzungu” ( white person) was. Be prepared to have children just follow you around and for many stares! I also had the chance to go on a Safari while in Kenya. Pamoja helped me to organize this and get to me the correct location. The Safari was AMAZING. I definitely recommend this if you are going to be there. Such a great experience to see so many different animals in their natural habitat. It was also fun to get to play the tourist for a few days! I highly recommend Pamoja, and Kenya in general. This is an amazing country with fantastic people that everyone should get to experience.”


Giacom_1“We join the project Salem Orphange Home, organized by the association Pamoja, in the summer of 2012. We were 3 Italian guys that leave from Italy on 20th of july. After two days of training in Nairobi at the association Pamoja, we left to Kisumu, the big western city of Kenya, where the project takes place. During these weeks we lived in Nancy’s house, a young woman that hosted ourselves, in the outskirts of Kisumu.

In Kisumu, close to the quartier of Kondele, there is the orphanage Salem Home, founded in 1992 by a young couple. In this orphanage most of AIDS orphans, neglected children and street children have a safe life, and they receive attention. They are also feed and care. This community includes also a nursery, primary and secondary school. A lot of children that attend the schools live also in the orphanage, especially those of the nursery and the primary.

Our work consisted in teachers’ assistance in providing the teaching of the man school subjects like math, English, science, religion and others. During the afternoon we moved from the school to the orphanage where we entertained the youngest children with various activities and plays, and helping the orphanage with the most basic tasks like cleaning and cooking. All the children were very nice and during these days we become attached each other.

The last day of the project we assisted to a show in the city center of Kisumu during which the children danced and sang. I like so much this experience and I would like to come back to the orphanage to see the children that are grow up!”


Emiliano Cese

Cese_1“The experience with PAMOJA was simply wonderful… I’ve been in a volunteer workcamp in Kisumu for 2 weeks, the project concern supporting and helping kids of the Salem Orphanage. Basically during the morning I was helping teaching and kids at the primary school, marking exercises and teaching math and english grammar, supporting the teachers.

During the evening I was at the orphanage helping them in different manners, preparing meals entertaining kids and playing with them,mainly giving them the attention that they need and most of the time they cannot have. Emotionally it was the best experience I ever had, in the western countries you can just image how the reality can be tough for these kids and it’s very important to have the awareness of what the true reality is. I suggest you all to go and see and have such a nice experience with PAMOJA, bring them your best positive attitudes because we are part of the same world and we share the same Earth and togheter ‘pamoja’ we can change it in a better place.”


Christian Cattell

Christian_1“For those unfamiliar with Pamoja International, understand that it is an amazing organization. I spent a better part of June, 2011 working at Suvia Children’s Home in Machakos County, Kenya. Words cannot describe how the experience affected me. I spent 3 weeks working with 26 young girls who have been through more in their short lives than I ever will have to deal with, and have come out on top with smiles on their beautiful faces. If people are looking to do something bigger than themselves Pamoja is the people to talk to.”


Evan Doyle

Evan_1“This summer I participated in a medical internship in Kisumu, Kenya through this organization. I am a pre medical student entering my third year at the University of Minnesota, Rochester. Being that I had no direct patient contact experience before arriving, my expectations for the program were low. To my surprise, the procedures that I observed and often participated in were more advanced and hands on than anything that I could have viewed in the U.S. By the end of the summer, I had delivered two babies, placed lines, assisted in surgical procedures, administred both IV and IM medications, and aided in patient admissions. The extraordinary people I met, the unique experiences I had, and the knowledge that I gained this summer can all be attributed to Pamoja. Thanks again guys for an awesome two months.”


Jamie Castillo

Jamie_1“CHECK OUT MY PICS! (Our)Pics! I know it’s not much, but they will ALL be out soon! Love & miss you guys! Thanks again for the awesome opportunity!!!”


Raul Arambula

Raul_2“My name is Raul Arambula from Monterrey, Mexico. I am currently in my final semester of Law School in Tec of Monterrey and I graduate this coming May. I plan on getting a Master’s Degree in Entertainment Law, and I worked as an intern in a Criminal Law organization called “Institución Renace A.B.P.” in Mexico. I have also done social services in a local museum of contemporary art called MARCO in Monterrey, Mexico.

I am very interested in acting, film, writing, theatre, art, travelling, inter cultural relationships, the understanding of spirituality, faith and religion within cultures, photography, human rights issues, international public law, animal rights and wildlife preservation. I participated in Pamoja International Voluntary Services in Nairobi Kenya in 2013, and worked as an intern in the NGO “Rights Promotion and Protection Centre” (RPP).

Our tasks consisted in helping the Kenyan community by fighting injustices and defending human rights within several work areas seen by RPP. Thanks to my visit to the Maasai Mara -and by getting a chance to know the Maasai culture- I have developed a huge interest in wildlife and ecosystem preservation and I am working to gain as much information as I can within this area to preserve animal life and their natural habitats. My current role in Pamoja Kenya is to link volunteers within America who wish to travel to Kenya and participate in the organization’s programs.”