About PIVS

Pamoja International Voluntary Services

Pamoja International Voluntary Services (PIVS) is a non-profit, Non Governmental Organization (N.G.O.) without any political or religious or sectarian affiliation. PIVS co-ordinates, plans and organizes International work camps, Internship and Medium Term Volunteer program in collaboration with community groups or institutions in need of voluntary labour or service to empower community self-help initiatives and promoting intercultural exchange.

PIVS is set in an African tradition way of life thus focusing on its vision to improve the people’s way of life by working with them from grass root levels. PIVS was founded in 2001 and registered in 2002 at the Office of the Vice President and Ministry of Gender, Sports, Culture and Social Services as Community Based Organization and in 2007 PIVS was elevated and registered as a Non Governmental Organization.

It is committed to especially set-up and co-ordinate Work camps in various part of Kenya, especially marginalized areas, which plays a pivotal role in co-ordinating voluntary work, strengthening communitysustainable initiatives by taking part as volunteers, promoting intercultural exchange.

Pamoja is a “Kiswahili” word, which means Together or Unity. Members of Co-ordinating Committee for International Voluntary Services (CCIVS) – France and Eastern African Work Camps Association Network (EAWA) – Uganda and members of Youth Agenda (YAA) – Kenya.

Mission Statement

“To promote inter-cultural exchange and volunteerism by offering people an opportunity to give back their resources by taking part in or getting involved in positive activities that promote personal/society/community development and sustainability”


“To be the leading volunteer organization in Africa”

Core Values

  • Voluntarism
  • Equality
  • Unity
  • Education


  • To organize, prepare and co-ordinate International work camps MTV and youth exchange programs in collaboration with other C.B.Os N.G.Os Government and other players in the civil society.
  • To promote the spirit of voluntary service amongst the youth and women by engaging them in community development initiatives/projects and Income generating activities.
  • To promote joint programs with other Organization(s) or networks on issues of mutual concern for socio-economic development in Kenya and the outside world.
  • To facilitate capacity building among our members and communities by organizing training workshops in areas of resource mobilization, leadership and organization development.
  • To raise, mobilize funds and other necessary resources for the promotion of PIVS objectives and its sustainability.


We stand for “initiative by youth and women” as we need young minds for a focused future and being a youth organization. Our Philosophy is to provide a new enlightened leadership, new value systems and a new social economic orientation.